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Roast George Wallace and Lavar Walker

Martha’s Vineyard island, known to be a summer retreat for the Obamas, the Clintons, and Spike Lee, reminiscent of lobster rolls and beach parties…adds laughter to the list of vacation memories. Every August on the island, the annual Martha’s Vineyard Comedy Fest  takes center stage by featuring some of the hottest African American comedians on the circuit which has included Damon Williams, Tony Roberts, Roz G., AJ Jamal, John Henton, Pierre, B-Phlat, Howie Bell, Chastity Washington, JJ Williamson, Michael Coylar, Gary “G-Thang” Johnson and many more.

The annual Martha’s Vineyard Comedy Fest is produced and managed by Knock-Knock Productions, a company that specializes in producing sponsored-driving stand-up comedy events nationwide.   Notify me when Tickets go on sale in 2020.


BLACK COMEDY MONTH™, celebrated annually each August, was created to provide a historical perspective on the place Black comedy and comedians hold in the entertainment industry; celebrate African American comedic genius; provide a showcase for both new and established comics to hone and share their craft, and most importantly to make us laugh.

BLACK COMEDY MONTH™ will have a particular focus on live events in cities across the country with the annual Martha’s Vineyard Comedy Fest serving as the epicenter/national stage of the month-long celebration.

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Myra J@Martha's Vineyard Comedy Fest

Damon Williams@Martha's Vineyard Comedy Fest


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